How to Pay Your Garbage Bill

Beginning April 1, 2016, the State of California’s Assembly Bill 1826 will require commercial customers that generate 8 cubic yards or more of organic waste per week to establish organic waste recycling services. Organic waste is defined as green waste, food waste, pruning and landscape waste, food-soiled paper waste mixed in with food waste and nonhazardous wood waste.

The bill will also require the contract/work agreement between a business and gardening/landscaping service to require the organic waste generated by those services to comply with the requirements of this act.

We have identified your business as one that may generate 8 cubic yards or more of organic waste weekly; please fill out the Organic Waste Assessment Form below and return with the pre-addressed envelope included with this form no later than February 19th, 2016 so we may further assist you in complying with AB1826.

For more information regarding compliance with AB1826, please contact the Outreach Department at 408-283-9250 or by email at


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