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Additional Residential Services

EXTRA SERVICES Provided Free of Charge

Annual Clean-Up
West Valley Collection & Recycling will collect items curbside annually. A notification of your scheduled clean-up date and acceptable items will be mailed one month prior to your clean-up date. If you miss your scheduled date, you can schedule a reduced price bulky item collection by calling Customer Service at 408.283.9250.

Extra Cardboard
You may place cardboard next to your cart as long as it is in a bundle. All cardboard must be cut down to size to fit in your cart. Our driver will place the extra cardboard in your cart and use the automated arm of our truck to collect the material. All loose items will not be collected

Holiday Tree Collection
WVC&R will collect your holiday tree beginning the first business day after December 25th through the third full week of January. Please remove stands, tinsel and decorations and cut tree into 5 feet sections or less. Place tree at least 1 foot away from carts. Trees exceeding 5 feet in length, flocked and decorated trees will not be collected.

Household Batteries
To recycle small batteries, simply place the batteries in a clear sealed plastic bag and place the items on top (not inside) of your recycle cart.

Universal & E-Waste Drop-Off
West Valley Collection & Recycling offers a free Universal and E-Waste drop-off site where residents can drop-off items such as computer monitors, TVs, water-based paints, motor oil and fluorescent bulbs. Please call Customer Service at 408.283.9250 to make an appointment.

Used Motor Oil and Motor Oil Filters
To recycle used motor oil and motor oil filters curbside, you must use a FREE West Valley Collection & Recycling issued oil jug and oil filter bag as they are designed to prevent leaks.

Please place filled oil jugs and filter bags on the curb near your containers for collection. Oil mixed with other automotive fluid will not be collected. To request a FREE oil jug or filter bag, call Customer Service at 408.283.9250.

EXTRA SERVICES for Additional Charge

Bulky Item Collection
Furniture, refrigerators or other large items may be picked up at your curb for a small fee. To schedule a pick-up appointment or obtain a list of accepted items, please call Customer Service at 408.283.9250.

Extra Garbage
Extra garbage may be picked up at your curb for a small fee. You must place extra garbage in 32-gallon bag. To schedule a pick-up, please call Customer Service at 408.283.9250.

Roll-Off Box Rental
West Valley Collection & Recycling is the exclusive provider of roll-off and debris boxes for the cities of Campbell, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and Saratoga. To dispose of concrete, dirt and general debris, please contact Customer Service by phone at 408.283.9250 to schedule a delivery of debris box. Boxes range from 8 to 40 cubic yards.

“Rent-me” Box Rental
West Valley Collection & Recycling also provides “Rent-me” boxes. They are metal bins with plastic lids and wheels that can hold up to 3-4 cubic yards of household waste ONLY. They are approximately 6 feet long, 4 ¼ feet wide, and 4 ¾ feet high.

Roll-off and Debris Boxes

8 Cubic Yard 14' x 8' x 2.5' 8 Tons Concrete and Dirt
20 Cubic Yard 19' x 8' x 4' 3 Tons General Debris
30 Cubic Yard 21' x 7' x 7.5' 4 Tons General Debris
40 Cubic Yard 23' x 8.5' x 8' 5 Tons General Debris


These items cannot go into the garbage, recycling or yard waste container for collection.

• Auto and brake fluids
• Car batteries
• Cleaning fluids
• Computers*
• Electronic waste* (except as listed in recyclables)
• Fire extinguishers
• Fluorescent light bulbs* (e.g. CFLs, tubes)
• Fuel tanks - with valve on (e.g. helium, propane, gas tanks)
• Grease and cooking oil
• Household Batteries* (e.g. M, AM, D, nickel cadmium, lithium)
• Laptops

• Mercury thermometers and thermostats*
• Monitors*
•Motor oil*
• Oil filters*
• Paints* (e.g. water based)
• Paints and stains (e.g. oil based and latex)
• Pesticides and fertilizers
• Pool and spa chemicals
• Solvents
• Syringes and sharps
• Televisions*
• Transmission fluid

For more information on collection or drop-off, please call the Santa Clara County Household Hazardous Waste Program at 408.299.7300 or visit

*See information in Extra Services for collection options through West Valley Collection & Recycling.

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