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E-Waste and Universal Waste Drop Off

West Valley Collection & Recycling offers a free E-Waste and Universal Waste drop off site for residents of:

City of Campbell
City of Saratoga
City of Monte Sereno
Town of Los Gatos

Acceptable items:

Household Used Motor Oil and Oil Filters

Household Water Based Paints

Household Universal Waste = household batteries, fluorescent tubes and bulbs and other mercury containing lamps, thermostats, mercury thermometers, electronic devices, electrical switches and relays, pilot light sensors, mercury gauges, mercury added novelties, mercury thermostats and non-empty aerosol cans that contained hazardous materials.

Household E-Waste = televisions and computer monitors, CPUs, laptop computers, external computer hard drives, computer keyboards, computer mice, computer printers, DVDs and VCRs.

For all other material not listed above, please contact The County of Santa Clara Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 408.299.7300 or visit to schedule an appointment for drop-off.

Drop Off Schedule

Please call customer service at (408)283-9250 for directions and additional information.



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