Additional Services – Provided Free of Charge

Outreach/Site Assessment

West Valley Collection & Recycling coordinators provide recycling presentation and site/service assessments with recommendations on how to increase recycling. Please call Customer Service at 408.283.9250 to request an appointment with the outreach department.

Universal & E-Waste Drop Off for Residents
Hours and available appointments may be restricted due to public health orders.

West Valley Collection & Recycling offers a free Universal and E-Waste drop-off site where residents can drop-off items such as computer monitors, TVs, water-based paints, motor oil and fluorescent bulbs. Please call Customer Service at 408.283.9250 to make an appointment.

How-to Guides

New How-to guides are available for you to distribute to your multi-family residents. Click here to download a How-to Guide or contact Customer Service at 408.283.9250 to request guides for your residents.

Annual Cart & Bin Cleaning
One time per year, West Valley Collection & Recycling will exchange your carts and bins with a clean replacement at no charge. To schedule a container replacement, please call Customer Service at 408.283.9250.

Additional Services – Provided for a Fee

Bulky Item Collection

Furniture, refrigerators or other large items may be picked up for a fee. To schedule a pick-up appointment, please call Customer Service at 408.283.9250.

Extra Garbage Pick-up

To schedule an additional pick-up, please call Customer Service at 408.283.9250.

Roll-Off Box Rental

West Valley Collection & Recycling is the exclusive provider of roll-off and debris boxes for the cities of Campbell, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and Saratoga. To dispose of concrete, dirt and general debris, please contact Customer Service by phone at 408.283.9250 to schedule a delivery of debris box. Boxes range from 8 to 40 cubic yards.

8 Cubic Yard 14′ x 8′ x 2.5′ 8 Tons Concrete and Dirt
20 Cubic Yard 19′ x 8′ x 4′ 3 Tons General Debris
30 Cubic Yard 21′ x 7′ x 7.5′ 4 Tons General Debris
40 Cubic Yard 23′ x 8.5′ x 8′ 5 Tons General Debris


These items cannot go into the garbage, recycling or yard waste container for collection.

  • Auto and brake fluids
  • Car batteries
  • Cleaning fluids
  • Computers*
  • Electronic waste* (except as listed in recyclables)
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fluorescent light bulbs* (e.g. CFLs, tubes)
  • Fuel tanks – with valve on (e.g. helium, propane, gas tanks)
  • Grease and cooking oil
  • Household Batteries* (e.g. M, AM, D, nickel cadmium, lithium)
  • Laptops
  • Mercury thermometers and thermostats*
  • Monitors*
  • Motor oil*
  • Oil filters*
  • Paints* (e.g. water based)
  • Paints and stains (e.g. oil based and latex)
  • Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Pool and spa chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Syringes and sharps
  • Televisions*
  • Transmission fluid

For more information on collection or drop-off, please call the Santa Clara County Household Hazardous Waste Program at 408.299.7300 or visit