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Cart and Dumpster Sizes

Bin Sizes & Specifications

To determine the appropriate bin or cart sizes required, it may be necessary to convert cubic yards to gallons, or vice versa. The following conversion information will enable faster calculations for specific development plans:

  • 1 gallon = 0.00495 cubic yards
  • 1 cubic yard = 202 gallons
  • Example: 1 cubic yard of solid waste requires approximately two 96-gallon carts
Size (Back) Height*+ Width* Length* Total Length*+
35-gallon cart 38-1/2” 18-7/8″ 22-1/2” N/A
65-gallon cart 42-1/8” 25-1/4″ 26-3/8” N/A
95-gallon cart 46-1/2″ 26-3/8″ 33-5/8” N/A
1.5 cubic yards 34-1/2” 29-1/2” 72” 81”
2 CY bin 41-1/2” 34-1/2” 72” 81”
3 CY bin 50-1/2” 41-1/2” 72” 81”
4 CY bin 57” 50-1/2” 72” 81”
6 CY bin 71” 58” 72” 81”

*Dimensions may vary slightly, depending on the manufacturer
+Bin heights listed without wheels; add 4” if a bin with wheels is desired
+Total length includes approximate side-pocket measurements for metal front-load bins
Note: Add one foot around bins for curb bumpers and maneuverability between walls

Proper Set Out

  • Containers must be accessible by 6AM on your collection day.
  • Make sure your containers are not overflowing and the lids are completely closed.
  • Ensure your containers are not blocked by vehicles and other obstructions such as extra garbage and bulky items on collection day. (If you have bulky items, contact Customer Service for pricing.)
  • Containers must be placed at least 5 feet away from vehicles and 3 feet away from poles, retaining walls and trees.
  • Flatten and break down cardboard boxes before placing inside your recycling container.
  • Debris placed outside your containers will NOT be collected.
  • WVC&R offers bin push services for a fee, request a site assessment to determine availability and fees by contacting customer service at (408)283-9250 or