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Recycling Education & Outreach


West Valley Collection & Recycling delivers all of the recyclables we collect from the Cities of Campbell, Monte Sereno, Saratoga and the Town of Los Gatos to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) located in San Jose.

The technology at the state of the art MRF efficiently sorts your mixed recyclable materials; this reduces the amount of sorting you have to do. A system of conveyor belts, screens, electromagnets and blasts of air separate paper from plastics, glass and other materials. Sorted bales and bins of materials are then taken to processing facilities before being sold to make new products.

The process of sorting your recyclables at the MRF is partially automated; employees do handle much of the material. Please remember do not put any hazardous or bathroom waste in your recycling cart, this includes hypodermic needles and diapers.

For more information on what you can recycle at your home, please see our Recycling Guide for Single Family Residents or Recycling Guide for Multi-Family Residents.

Community Recycling Outreach Program

WVC&R wants to share with you the importance of keeping the West Valley community and environment clean by recycling.

WVC&R offers the following to schools, organizations, apartment complexes and businesses in the Cities of Campbell, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, and Saratoga.

o Recycling Presentations

o Recycling Information/Resource table

o Recycling Activity Booth

There is NO CHARGE for the Community Recycling Outreach Program.

Click to download our Community Recycling Outreach Program flyer.

To schedule a presentation, a booth for your event or if you have any questions about the program,
please contact Outreach Coordinator Tim Elias at 408-283-9250 or by email at


School Contests

WVC&R holds several contests for the schools in the Cities of Campbell, Monte Sereno, Saratoga, and the Town of Los Gatos to engage the creativity of the young students in our communities. The winning entries will be posted on our website.

New Winner 2018

Lizzy Shamgin, winning entry, Marshall Lane Elementary

Drawing Contest 2014-16
** Click to view Picture Gallery **


Anjalia – Winning Entry, Campbell Christian School (left)
Jessica and Isabel – Runner-up Entry, Campbell Christian School (right)

Resources for Students, Teachers and Parents:

Activities and Games

o Roscoe’s Recycle Room

o Recycle City

o Recycle Roundup

o Recycle This!

o Science Kids – Recycling

Arts and Crafts


o Kinder ART

Books (Coming Soon!)


o CalRecycle – Education and the Environment Initiative

o Earth 911

o Environmental Protection Agency - Education

o Keep America Beautiful – Waste in Place

o RAFT (Resource Area for Teaching)

o Santa Clara County – Integrated Waste Management

o Trash Sources & Pathways Visualized by SCVURPPP (Poster)

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