Annual CleanUp Flyer

WVC&R Will Collect:

  • Items weighing up to 70 pounds (except bulky items as described below)
  • Household garbage and loose items placed in 32 gallon plastic bags or sturdy cardboard boxes (2 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet)
  • Tree prunings and branches up to 3” in diameter and 3’ long in securely tied bundles weighing up to 70 pounds
    (Items must be manageable by one person)

WVC&R Will NOT Collect:

  • Loose items not bundled, bagged or placed out as instructed above
  • Items containing CFCs such as refrigerators and A/C units
  • E-Waste, Universal Waste, Water Based Paints and Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • Bulky Items or containers over 70 pounds such as furniture, tires and appliances
  • Building, Construction or Demolition Debris such as concrete, dirt, lumber and tile
  • Hazardous and Medical Waste (Call 408.299.7300 or visit
  • Personal or WVC&R wheeled carts

Annual Cleanup Flyer